Monday, 30 November 2015

Mark Howard

My latest guest castaway to be washed ashore on a lonely island in the sea is DJ and Radio Presenter, Mark Howard.

Mark and fellow enthusiast Paul Homer formed 'Ska-Beat-Soul' in their home city of Chichester and they have supported top acts such as The Lee Thompson Ska Orchestra and The Beat, playing festivals such as 'The Great Skinhead Reunion' and 'Ska Aid' and a performing at their regular residency at Woodies.

Mark & Paul present 'Ska-Beat-Soul' as a weekly radio show on ChiSoul Radio playing the best in 60's Ska, Rocksteady & Skinhead Reggae, all on 100% heavyweight vinyl !

"Bass lines are the thread that connect most of what I listen to and, by extension, how I dress and even my transport.

I took up double bass aged twelve, which became bass guitar and I soon found myself with musician acquaintances I wouldn't otherwise have had and listening to music I otherwise wouldn't have heard. 

African-American music and its derivatives featured ever bigger and continue to be the cornerstone of my life: Vinyl records, sharp suits, Lambretta scooters and co-presenting The Ska Beat Soul every Thursday night with Paul Homer... even my career as a restaurant chef somehow feels tied in."

The Skatalites - Killer Diller

"I have what I call the 'Killer Diller Scale' : Does a piece of music measure up to this recording ? Hendrix's 'Voodoo Chile' would do for example, most of what I heard on the radio this morning wouldn't even register... "

Lonnie Lester - You Can't Go

"A banging and very raw Northern Soul stomper. I couldn't be stranded on a Deserted Island without any Northern and this is a favourite of my soulie friends... dancing the night away long after we were old enough to know better."

Mulatu Astatke - Yegelle Tezeta

"Hammond driven Ethiopian funk from the mid-sixties... and a light bulb moment for me as it proved to myself that even in my 40's there was still stuff out there I knew nothing about but would instantly love as much as anything else I'd heard.

I was lucky enough to see him live with the Heliocentrics a couple of years ago in London. One of the best gigs I've ever seen."

John Coltrane - A Love Supreme Part II : Resolution

"If I actually were stranded on a desert Island with one LP, I'd take 'A Love Supreme' because I hear something different in it every time I put it on. 

A light bulb moment in my understanding of music was when a jazz musician friend said all notes harmonise but some combinations make different sounds to others. I listened to Miles Davis' 'Kind of Blue' first and took it from there."

Prince Buster - Islam

"Ska is what I DJ and, in some ways, my first love. 

This particular track is so compelling and uncompromising, and for me underlines the Jamaican feeling of being exiled from from their African roots. 

Still looking for a copy if anyone has one to sell to me....... "


Mark and Paul's Ska-Beat-Soul Radio Show is broadcast every Thursday on ChiSoul Radio, playing the best in 60's Ska, Rocksteady & Skinhead Reggae, all on 100% heavyweight vinyl !

You can keep up-to-date on all of the Ska-Beat-Soul activities, including their live gigs, by checking out the facebook page :

click on the link below

You can also catch up on all past episode of the show via the Mixcloud site :

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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Tom Glide

I am delighted to welcome the multi-talented Tom Glide as my latest guest castaway to be washed ashore on a lonely island in the sea.

As well as being a successful record label owner, Tom is an accomplished songwriter, a composer, a remixer, a music producer, a musician and a singer in his own right... he’d taught himself to play guitar, drums, bass and keyboards by the age of 10.

Born and raised in a working class area in Southern Paris, near Montparnasse, Tom's earliest musical influences were shaped by listening to records that were brought from the US in the 50's by his father when he was serving as a French Marine. Mainly jazz, latin, be-bop, calypso, early r’n’b... even Elvis Presley !  Other influences from that time were Sydney Bechet, Harry Belafonte, Charlie Parker with strings, Django Reinhart, Toots Tillemans, and Duke Ellington.

Early credits as a producer, composer, arranger and singer include the 2002 Beatcrusher track 'What Da F***',  Ilona Mitrecey’s 2005 gold and platinum album 'Un Monde Parfait', and the first release on his own Glide Recordings label in 2008 : 'Yoga on the Dancefloor' by Ekayani and the Tom Glide Space.

2010 saw the release of the highly acclaimed album 'In The Name of Luv' by Tom Glide & The Luv All Stars, a collaboration with luminaries including keyboardist Larry Dunn, bassist Alex Al, drummer James Gadson and the acclaimed trumpeter Rahmlee Michael Davis (Jackie Wilson, Michael Jackson, B.B. King, Donny Hathaway, Minnie Riperton). 

Launched in Glide’s home studio during summer 2009, he then relocated to Los Angeles to enlist more key players for additional sessions and collaborated with songwriter/musicians Dan Florean and Terry Tam, strings arranger Maurice Herd and lyricists Sonya Muhammad and Alaena Adams.

2012 saw Tom hitting the road in the UK with the ‘Soul On The Road’ tour featuring Cool Million, Gary Poole, The Westcoast Soulstars along with vocalists Laura Jackson and Tim Owens.

Since then, Tom has been busy producing a string of releases on his TGEE record label, including 'Sweet Heaven' featuring legendary soulman Timmy 'Why Can't We Live Together' Thomas, 'Party People' featuring Joe Leavy and 'Soul Life' featuring Shylah Vaughn.  Tom's Remix of 'Free' by Candace Woodson has just been released and he is now working on a project with soul singer Kenya.

For his exile on Deserted Island Discs, Tom has chosen five classic albums : 

"Five is a very hard choice and my stay on this island will be short too ! I haven't even managed to fit in George Duke, Pleasure, Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, Bill Evans, Louis Johnson, Horace Silver and tons of other music . Everyday of my life. Happy to have been chosen to tell you some memories. Thanks Bill Fordham for the opportunity."

Jimi Hendrix - Rainbow Bridge

"1972 and my first electric shock discovering Jimi Hendrix live at Woodstock playing 'Star Spangled Banner', but this one is my favourite album by him : 'Dolly Dagger', 'Pali Gap', 'Room Full of Mirrors' and 'Hey Baby'... the track I first learnt to play in full on my Uncle's jazz guitar. His version of 'Star Spangled Banner' is totally amazing. A visionary genius of music and a unique guitar player.  The best ever."

Earth, Wind and Fire - Gratitude

"1978 and my first big live shock. The best ever... pure Houdini-esque magical attitude with the groove, the music, Philip Bailey, Verdine and Maurice, The Phenix Horns, Larry Dunn. 

They were opening for Carlos Santana. When he arrived on stage and after three biz people bowed so much. Poor Carlos !!

If you told me 30 years later that I would had the chance to play music with those giants, I would have laughed at you, but the big miracle happened with the Luv All Stars project in LA... incredible !!! "

Marvin Gaye - What's Going On

"I discovered Marvin Gaye on a late live Saturday night show on French TV playing this album and bought this vinyl on the Sunday afternoon in a St.Michel shop.

My soul revelation : The voice, the music, the career, the destiny... the kinda' music you can listen everyday of your life.

Years later I will meet and play with James Gadson (his drummer for a couple of decades} there in Inglewood LA, in his garage recording drumparts on his original 1964 Tamla Motown console."

Stevie Wonder - All I Do

"Probably one of my favourite Stevie Wonder collection of anthems album which relates to a very funny story which happened when he was touring the world with this album in 1981.

He played at the Palais des Sports in Paris and my friend Didier and I had no dimes to go in. We entered through a back door and found ourselves amongst cages of Lions, Giraffes, Kangaroos, Monkeys and Chimps from the Moscow State Circus who were alternating in the same venue.

After 5 minutes walking in the jungle, I don't know how, we entered the proper venue with a sound check about to start. Stevie played, talked, laughed and rehearsed for 45 minutes with the band and I think this is one of the most deep memories about music... heaven from a genius of music right in front of you.  None of security people came to us and we stayed for another two and a half hours of magical music... and THAT voice guys !  THAT voice !!

Rated in my top five greatest artists ever."

Prince - Sign o' The Times

"Prince, the Kid from Minneapolis. I chose this album because it reminds me of the Sign O' The Times tour, front stage, 5th row.

The musician and singer, the amazing band around him, the mechanics and perfection of the show. A genius of entertainment and a genius of music. 

I love his all discography post this album. From 'Controversy', '1999' through to 'Purple Rain', 'Around the World in a Day' and 'Parade' with Clare Fisher's strings... this is where my Prince is."


You can keep on track of all the latest developments from Tom Glide through his facebook page :
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... and don't forget to visit the TGEE Records site:

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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Gary Van den Bussche

Washed ashore on a lonely island in the sea is my latest guest castaway...  Presenter, promoter and record label owner, Gary Van den Bussche.
Gary started collecting records as a nine-year-old. At school his love of soul music was influenced by pioneering DJ's Greg Edwards, Peter Young and Robbie Vincent.  

It was always Gary's dream to run a record shop and, aged just 17,  he managed Baker Street Records in London's West End with regular clients including Edwin Starr, Paul Weller, Randy Crawford, Neil Francis, Leo Sayer, Peter Sellers & Fitz Brown.

Fitz Brown gave Gary an opportunity to DJ at one of the worlds most celebrated clubs, Tramp in Jermyn Street. The pay was poor, but he got to DJ and play at private parties for the likes of, Tony Curtis, The Stones, Rod Stewart, Joan Collins, Georgie Best, Royalty, Tony Hall, Mel Brooks... in fact everybody who was anybody ! 

When the record shop closed down, Gary moved on to plugging records and his pushing brought #1 hits with Phyllis Nelson's 'Move Closer', Amii Stewart's 'Knock On Wood' and many others. 

Tony Monson gave Gary a spot on Solar Radio which he presented after spinning at Tramp, receiving great reviews in the music press.

Ater a few years Gary left Tramp to open his own clubs after working in various other venues around the south. Starting at Maidstones Kent Hall he built up a huge membership and the proceeded to open every night at venues in Orpington, Gravesend, Ashford, Cheam, Weybridge, the Town & Country Club in London and many others. 

After meeting Noah Johnson, Gary was introduced to the recording studio and taught how to write and produce songs. His first record release was 'Young Free & Single' as Dee Gee (Disco Gary) which reached #1 on John Leech's Show. He then started Wizz Records (with the first three releases being done with Dave Morgan of Fresh Records) and at the same time running a distribution company : driving around the south creating the buzz with these records and  his own white labels. Soon other labels gave us theirs to sell, then we expanded to further vans & telesales,the problem was record shops were not paying, so we used a factor which gave us the money & as the cheques bounced, so they took the money back & soon we had no choice but to close.

After a career change in the pub and restaurant business, Gary started a page on Facebook called 'Disco, Soul, Gold' which has since grown to almost 60,000 likes and a group page to almost 20,000. Then, given the opportunity to develop an unheard duo from Newcastle, DSG Music the label started again with 'Listen' by SouLutions being the first release. He arranged for the single to be remixed from their demo started to promote the song. It achieved great success, with the Drizabone remix reaching #1 in the Soul Chart and Amazon's sales chart.

Gary now has an in-house UK radio promotions service, helping many soulful acts of the past, present and future get noticed.

The DSG Music label has achieved a lot of success in just a year with 'Listen' by SouLutions being voted by many as being the Soul Track of 2014, Ola Onabule's 'Soul Town' hitting #1 on Soul and Amazon UK Sales Charts and #2 Soul Amazon success with Samuel D Sanders 'Make You Mine'.

After attending the Camp Soul Festival and hearing 'Your Smile' by Neo, Gary contacted the composer who agreed for DSG Music to release it. This hit #2 on the Amazon Sales Chart and #4 in the UK Soul chart with new mixes to follow. McCrei the blue-eyed Soul Sisters from Kent debut single for DSG Music 'Show Me' reached #1 on the UK Amazon Sales Chart and and #2 in the UK Soul chart

The Samuel D Sanders cover of 'Thinking Out Loud' with a fantastic Nigel Lowis remix that takes us back to the time of classic Philly Soul. A UK Soul Chart hit, it is what Gary refers to as Modern Retro... exactly what DSG Music like to release : Soulful, modern retro tunes with a twist and a memory. 

"I love Music..."

Three Degrees - When Will I See You Again

Gary's first track was one of the most successful recordings of the Philly Soul era. In the U.S., the song reached #1 on the adult contemporary chart, #2 on the pop singles chart and #4 on the R&B chart in the autumn of 1974.

"My favourite group in my teens and I still love Sheila Ferguson's amazing vocals."

Dennis Edwards - Don't Look Any Further

Gary's second choice is this 1984 track by former Temptations lead singer Dennis Edwards, featuring Siedah Garrett.  

"Always had a lot of attention when I was one of the first to pick this track from his import album. I once supported the Foundations at the Piccadilly Theatre when Clem said ''Man, what was that track ?''

Sylvia - Pillow Talk

The third track chosen by Gary is the 1973 single whch was originally written by Sylvia Robinson for Al Green, but rejected because the risque lyrics compromised his religious beliefs.

"As a child, this was one of my first 7 inch singles and I still like it today."

Barry White - Oh Love, Well We Finally Made It

"The only track that Barry recorded as Smoke, under his own name, with Love Unlimited and with his Orchestra.  Four versions, and each one uplifts the soul."

Randy Crawford - Just To Keep You Satisfied

From Randy's 'Raw Silk' album. A perfect cover and soul music at his best from a singer who is not just a nice person I had the pleasure of meeting on a number of occasion, but someone who is undiscovered in her home country... apart from 'Street Life'."


Gary's DSG Music has it's own website... check it out !

click on the link

And check out the DSG Music blog to keep up-to-date on all that is happening...

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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Lou Pino

Washed ashore on a lonely island in the sea is my latest guest castaway... DJ and Radio Presenter, Lou Pino.

Out of Haringey via Italy, Lou presents the sublimely anarchic 'Grand Parade' on Reel Rebels Radio : A superb mix of vintage Jamaican music, politics, football, food and general insanity.

In addition to playing in venues in and around London, Lou has also become established at the Rox DJ Reggae Alldayer.

"I feel a bit emotionally involved, genuinely interested to show up some of the moments that have maked my life special.  Since I moved my steps on this long journey, music was leading me on the right path and surely will do until my very last."

Lou Reed - Andy's Chest

"It was July 21st, 2003. 

A couple of years after Genova, Italy, we were still trying to understand why a guy like us was shot by the police during the riots. It was during that time that I’ve started to do something to improve this damned society. Along the terraces of my football team Cosenza, my anger was released and transformed into passion and viceversa. It was not just football. Scores were not a big deal and no drama if the team couldn’t make the serie A, even if we were really close. For us what really mattered was to always say something different and do something important for people who were not as lucky as others were. Providing food for the poor, helping people with disabilities, standing up for unemployment raise, supporting project in Africa. 

At the end of the 2013 season, Cosenza ended up bankrupt. As a result, the Club (at the time in Serie B) was relegated in 4th division, and actually took a very long time to get back into professional football. It was probably one of the worst news I read.  Meanwhile, someone was saying  that Lou Reed would be the main Act at the 'Invasion Festival', an international festival of music and arts held in the city of Cosenza at high level until the last decade. 

With these completely opposite feelings, bad and good, shaking hands together, it was the moment that I became LouPino, spelt lupino, aka little wolf."

Tennors - Another Scorcher

"It was July, scorchia, Ibiza, 2008

It’s quiet unusual think about Ibiza and Reggae at the same time. OK it’s not completely true that this gem in the mediterraneum is just clubs/drugs/naked sex along the beaches. In fact there is an interesting soul week-end in June every year run by top DJ’s from the UK and many other interesting things apart from classic stereotypes.

Back to my story, I use to spend 'una temporada' en la isla, working as usual from the very bottom of the bottom. A common situation, since I start to stand up, but, who cares!!! 

It was me and that lovely girl that became my wife, spending our few hours off, driving around, from coast to coast and listening reggay. Sometimes, life doesn’t give you just shit, or at least gives you a break. Since I’ve been promoted to barman, serving thousands Italians, addicted to coffee and Sambuca and addicted to everything for free.. as  that place in Cala Tarida was 'all included'

"That music so sweet for your dancing feet”

It became definitely mine. Try to imagine you, coming at the counter, in this middle class Italian Hotel, asking for a “caffe’ corretto”. Of course you will expect Jackie Bernand and The Tennors reminding you that is another scorcher. That was probably my first time entertaining people in the way that I’m doing now and forever more."

Edith Piaf – Non, Je Ne regrette Rien

"Every New Year’s Day 

How many times you were sitting and wondering, how that could be, why I did that. Maybe I would or probably I should. Should what? Should I stay or should I go? OH OH OH what a CLASH in the brain.  Then early in the morning a song came in my mind, enchanting me like a sparrow tweeting. Do you know that “piaf” in argot, the French Slang, means sparrow and that’s why Edith Giovanna Gassion has been named Edith Piaf ?

So, have you ever heard this song?  If yes…when? 

In my case it was me, completely dressed as myself, listening every New Year’s day, early in the morning. No matter whatever reason this life presents to you on that moment, it is a new start, a new beginning. Somewhere in Italy, they are still celebrating the New Year’s eve throwing old crockery out from the room's window. 

Do not worry if you walk past my house, I am just throwing out the past, enchanted by a sparrow tweeting, looking forward to a bright future. In any case, I am living on the ground floor, so your head is safe from the crockery…. "

I Ribelli – Nel Sole Nel Vento Nel Cammino e Nel Pianto


Have you ever heard a guy called Demetrio Stratos… able to reach 7,000 Hz with his voice????

Demetrio Efstratios a phenomenal singer from Greece, born in Egypt, moved in Italy on his 17’s to become one of the most creative artists in the whole Italian rock scene of the 70's. 

Well known for his works with a band called “Area” and for his studies on the use of the human voice, his solo albums are a great demonstration of his capabilities. 

Here Demetrio is the lead singer of a well-known Italian 70’s band, I Ribelli. The lyrics by Mogol, sung oringinally by Lucio Battisti, has been covered by the powerful rich voice of Demetrio to create an incredible soulful ballad.

This was the song that I choose for the beginning of my wedding ceremony. 

In the beautiful countryside scenario of the Abruzzo Region, here’s my wife coming accompanied by her father and then I made my promise to her, because she’s with me, nel sole, nel vento, nel cammino e nel pianto."

Queen - Father To Son

"From the beginning, to the very end.

Sometimes you realize how cruel it is live the life you live. It is cruel for the sufferers and for all their relatives. 

When I was thinking about which songs will be part of the list I never imagined of including this one. I was a Queen fan, when I was 14. I was a Queen fan even when I was 17. Probably I am still a Queen Fan now. 

For sure I will be always fan of my father. We had some difficulties, we had a troubled relationship for some time. But I will always fight on his side. My dad was diagnosed with liver metastasis and I know that this time will be harder than harder."


You can check out podcasts of Lou's fantastic Grand Parade radio show via the link below :


Thursday, 23 July 2015

Charles Pepin

It is a pleasure to have Canadian DJ and radio producer Charles Pepin as my latest guest castaway, washed ashore on a lonely island in the sea.

After a 3 years stay in South Africa, Charles returned to Canada dedicating the majority of his free time promoting South African House music with passion and determination.

DJ'ing for many years on a purely amateur basis, Charles started a series of podcasts called TIA House Podcasts.  He then  started a blog in order to setup a central platform on which it is also possible to find exclusive interviews with South African artists from the House industry. The next step was 'This is Africa', a monthly show on Pure.FM dedicated to showcasing South African artists and DJ's, with exclusive DJ sets every month.

"I am a passionate Electronic Dance Music lover for now almost 20 years. I am 32 years old, so the kind of music has been present in my life, on a daily basis, for the vast majority of my life. I remember very well, my friends and I were sometimes looked at as some sort of Aliens from another musical dimension during our teenage years. 

After several thousands of hours listening to all types of Electronic Music, mostly in the form of Radio Shows, Mixtape and DJ sets, my passion is still as strong as in the beginning and has evolved greatly. 

My interest in music has been slightly altered by a 3 years stay in South Africa. Since then, my involvement has increased, dedicating most of my time to Afro-House and Africa's influence in general over House Music. 

TIA House Music was born!"

The Aztec Mystic - Knights of the Jaguar

"This is simply a masterpiece of Electronic Music... 'Knights of the Jaguar' is the Ravel’s Bolero of Electronic Music. The slow but steady crescendo towards a climax at the end makes it a track you can't stop in the middle once you have started it. The simplicity of the rhythms combined with the soft melodies; a beautiful piece of contemporary music easy for the ears. A track that could convince any electronic music detractor to reconsider their position. 

'Knights of the Jaguar' appeared in many of my  sets when I was starting as a DJ and kept me company so many time late at night to furnish my peaceful moments. I often woke up in the middle of the night, awoken by the sound of the needle scratching and stepping softly after another journey through this magnificent vinyl track from the Aztec Mystic."

Jeff Mills - The Bells

"Jeff Mills is a music producer and DJ who had a great influence on the direction I took as an amateur DJ and electronic music lover during my teenage years... an influence which turned out to be quite permanent, as I still tend to vibrate physically and emotionally to the a sound of Techno music. 

'The Bells' is recognized by many as one of the most iconic Techno track ever produced and I have so many good memories and emotions related to this tune !"

DJ Mujava - Mugwanti

"When I listen to 'Mugwanti' it unravels an immense quantity of souvenirs from my stay in South Africa. Good time with friends, spectacular road trips, parties and parties again. I have been introduced to the very singular sound of House music from South Africa with the rhythms and lyrics of  'Mugwanti'."

Black Motion (Feat. Candy) - Manghoro

"Simply, the best House music tune from South Africa in my opinion. 

The rhytmic elements and vocals of 'Manghoro' really contains the essence of the African culture... an irresistible piece of Afro-House music. 

Simply the best !"

Stephan Bodzin & Marc Romboy – Phobos

"My love for electronic music is strong and steady. It is a genuine passion. I consume it on a daily basis, several hours a day, in all its various forms. A love continuously renewed as the music evolves with the years passing by. The power of the repetitions and the creativity behind the organized noise. 

Tracks like 'Phobos' are icons of electronic music. 

Tracks like 'Phobos' are, in my opinion, symbols of electronic music to which I will always refer to as milestones in the evolution of the kind."


If you have enjoyed the tracks chosen by Charles, then you will enjoy listening to the latest tracks from South African artists and DJ's on This Is Africa

click on the link below


Thursday, 18 June 2015

Madam Scorcher

My latest guest to be washed ashore on a lonely island in the sea is one of Europe's top reggae DJ's, the fabulous Madam Scorcher.

Madam Scorcher (AKA Kathy McGrath) is unique in the fact that she plays female vocal only ska and reggae on vinyl. She has DJ'd at many events, as you will learn :

"Its funny when you think about it, on speaking to my mother about their musical tastes, as some bits I knew but wanted to delve a bit more, I can now see where I’ve got mine from, cleverly 'amalgamated' from the pair of them : 

My father being keen on bands such as Jethro Tull, The Pogues and Ian Dury & the Blockheads. He was also quite good at playing the saxophone, especially The Muppets theme tune. My mother on the other hand would be enjoying the fluffiness of Motown, 70’s disco and singers such as Crystal Gale, Barbara Dickson and Gloria Gaynor.

I can see now why at 7 years old my first two albums I bought were Blondie’s 'Parallel Lines' and Abba’s 'Super Trouper'... yeah, I know, not doing my creditability any favours!!!

All through my life growing up I’ve strangely always swayed towards female singers, apart from a couple of teenage years where I crossed over to the dark side of heavy metal! but singers like Aretha Franklin, Annie Lennox, Alison Moyet, Bjork, Amy Winehouse and Madonna were certainly a big part of my musical life. 

So Madam Scorcher is born and it was inevitable that I would play out female only vocals and I think I’m the only DJ that is doing this in the Ska, Rock steady and Reggae genre internationally.  

I’ve been very fortunate over the last few years playing at many events such as Madness Minehead Weekender, Cambersands Scooter Rally, Isle of Wight Reggae Train, Phil Bush’s Sound & Pressure Weekender, Up the Junction, KlubSkank, Skamouth, Specialized, Folkestone Skafest, Music Mania, Skinhead Reunion, BWM @Santa pod to name a few.

I've also been lucky enought to play for such artists such as Rhoda Dakar, Lee Thompson’s Ska Orchestra, The Skatalites and The Selecter. Recently I have been branching out into Europe thanks to Soulboys Vs Rudeboys, which is very exciting!!! 

So, five songs that I would take onto a desert island to musically mesmerise me and turn my stomach into a flutter or just give me goose bumps and  make me want to get up and dance are…. "

Edwin Starr - Contact

"I couldn’t choose a reggae song to describe my passion for dancing, like maybe I would be expected to, as there’s far to many that give me the same feeling that I’m about to describe.

I am partial to a bit of 70’s disco and this takes me back to when I was about 13, a keen disco dancer in my sparkly lilac leotard, prancing and skipping about and hopefully impressing the panel of judges??? 

And if any song can get you moving where it grabs you from your feet and your stomach goes all weird, you know, the same way as when you go over a bridge in a fast car, I feel that this song does it for me!!! 

It certainly worked for me then, getting me a nice shiny gold medal and a certificate with top marks.  To this day whenever I hear this song it still gives me that same feeling... and I still remember that dance routine."

Pat Kelly - Twelfth of Never

"This beautiful song can only remind me of my partner Darren, who’s love and support has been unconditional, or “until the twelfth of never”

Without meeting him there would be no Madam Scorcher simple as that.

The fact is that before I met him I was just a normal working mother.  I had lost my identity after 15 years of marriage and going through a divorce. If someone had of said to me back then “Oh by the way you’re going to become a skinhead and DJ all over the place” I would of laughed my backside off!!! 

Me???  Wear ankle swingers, braces and men’s shoes. I don’t think so... standing there in my long hair, make up and high heels!!!"

Claudette - Boss Cocky

"As my collection of 45’s was starting to grow and my list was getting bigger, this tune was the turning point.

Most of my small box of records at that time were either given to me by Darren, (he had a vast collection and I’m happy to say that male DJ’s were overlooking female songs, so he felt no desire to have them) or I was spending under £20, as surely I should not be paying out more then that!!!

Then this record came up and I really wanted it, I loved it!!!

But hold on, its going to cost me FIFTY POUNDS!!!

And that’s when I realised I had become a vinyl addict.

I bought it."

Madness - On The Town featuring Rhoda Dhakar

"Okay I’m going to cheat a bit here as I can’t choose a song each for Madness and Rhoda as I’ll run out of tunes. This song is quite appropriate for my past life and “The Liberty of Norton Folgate” is just such a superb album, and the first Madness one I’ve ever bought!!! 

Madness had not really interested me. I never took much notice of them in the 80’s, in fact I completely missed all the 2tone stuff that was going on, I was far too busy being a material girl. Now they are part of my life, privileged to know them, play for them in one way or another and being proposed to on their stage in front of thousands of people will always be a cherished memory. 

Then there’s Rhoda. Certainly a woman that inspires me, a strong and intelligent lady and all I can say is the day she messaged to ask me to DJ for her Album launch in 2014 is still something I’m extremely chuffed and proud to have done. 

My first gig where it was all women entertainers, so it meant so much to me to be part of that."

King Cannon - Soul Scorcher

"This song is the pinnacle of what I think musically describes who I am and what I’m about. 

A song I want to hear when I’m getting ready to go out, polishing my shoes, making sure everything is pressed and just looking smart.

A song I want to hear blasting out loud in a dimly lit room with wooden flooring and skinheads dancing tall and proud…

This is the song that says it all for me, deep, strong and passionate and this is my passion, its my way of life….. "


Among the many events where you can hear Madam Scorcher playing her unique sounds on vinyl is the Music Mania Festival in July :

Not forgetting Skamouth in November :