Monday, 25 February 2013

DJ Melismo

This week's guest castaway (washed ashore on a lonely island in the sea) is Swedish singer, songwriter, musician, producer, deejay, journalist, lecturer and record collector Mats Olofsson. 

Mats is better known by many as DJ Melismo and it is under this name that he presents his widely acclaimed monthly podcast.

"It's a very hard task to pick one's five deserted island 45's, but here are five records from my collection that I really do cherish :"

Victoria Sosa featuring Isaac Hayes - If This World Were Mine

"This is a wonderful version of a classic composition. 

Victoria Sosa, a sadly overlooked talent, here together with soul notable, the deep-voiced Isaac Hayes... whose cool delivery is what really does it for me."

Laura Lee - Your Song
"A song penned by Cecil Womack, who sadly passed away just recently. 

This tune has also been recorded by the likes of The Dells and the Four Tops, but this is the ultimate version for me."

Frannie Golde - Time Has A Way (And It's Getting Better)

"Blue-eyed soul at its best, this lady has a strong assertive soul voice and the song has an important message of not giving up."

Charles Montgomery - I Don't Think (I'll Do That Any More)

"What strikes me with this recording is that it has what I would like to call a timeless sound, very much due to the singing style of Charles Montgomery.

This is a recording that could appeal to old school fans as well as those listening to the more modern and urban sounds of today."

Four Flights - All I Want Is You
"A modern soul classic, in other words a must have for fans of modern soul, either in its original format or on one of those connoisseurs comps issued in CD format."


Great tracks from DJ Melismo and you will find many more like these here :