Monday, 5 August 2013

Karen Thomas

My latest guest castaway on Deserted Island Discs is Manchester Soul Girl and Radio Presenter, Karen Thomas.

Karen's love of Soul Music is aptly demonstrated on her 'Soulinfinity' radio show on Pure Rythm Radio. 

Each Wednesday evening Karen plays a great mix of Modern Soul, Neo-Soul, RnB and a few of her 'Moody Numbers'.

"Choosing these tracks evokes a lot of nice memories for me."

George McCrae - Rock Your Baby

"This was the first record that I ever bought and what moved me away from the likes of Donny Osmond and into my love affair with soul music.
I was about 15 at the time and I remember hearing it played on someone's sound system from an open window as I walked home from school. 
This track got many a repeat play on my record player."    

Bennie Braxton - Come To Me
"This tune has got to be one of my all time favs for so many reasons. 
I first heard this played at a monthly Soul event called 'Parkers' in Manchester in the 90's, that I attended often and which turned out to be a very special and poignant time in my life. 
This track was love at first hearing and a 'wow' moment for me. It will always remind me of the many happy times I spent there dancing to soul tunes that I still love to listen to today."          
Roy Ayers - Poo Poo La La

"I've chosen this particular track because the memory of Roy performing this live was an experience that I will never forget.   

His showmanship and the way he interacted with the crowd whilst singing this was brilliant and filled with so much fun and humour.

What a fab track from a fab performer and artist."           

Will Downing - The Love We Share

"Will's music has featured so much in the up's and down's of my life.

That vocal that is so characteristically him, he has the power to make me melt.

I chose this track because it reminds me of someone very special who is no longer in my life... the lyrics tell the story of the love we shared."  
Rance Allen Group - Reason To Survive

"I debated long and hard about including this track in my selection mainly because it is so very personal to me for very special reasons and to this day I find it difficult to listen to without feeling some sadness because of the circumstances involved at the time. This song has everything for me, so I had to include it. Stunning intro, wonderful meaningful lyrics, harmonies that chill and that gorgeous melody and haunting vocal that just can't fail to touch the listener."


 I am sure that you enjoyed listening to these five great tracks and reading the reasons why Karen chose them... and if you enjoyed them as much as I did, then you should be listening to Karen's 'Soulinfinity' Show on Pure Rhythm Radio.

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