Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Guida de Palma

I am honoured to have washed ashore on a lonely island in the sea, Singer, Songwriter and Tonmeister, Guida de Palma as my latest guest castaway.
Portuguese born, and classically trained Guida de Palma was only sixteen when bass legend and fallen angel Jaco Pastorius hopped on stage to join her during her very first gigs in Paris. Blessed by this almost divine collaboration, Guida went on singing her way onto various stages across Europe. With her crew of Latin Funketeers, she played support to such top performers as Cab Calloway, Defunkt and Gilberto Gil.

Freshly arrived in the UK, Guida featured on the British Electric Foundation's 'Music Of Quality And Distinction' album alongside prestigious names like Tina Turner, Terence Trent d’Arby, Lala Hathaway and Chaka Khan.

She also joined Californian sax player Ronnie Laws for his European tour, culminating in Montreux Jazz Festival’s rapturous closing night.

Also involved in production, Guida, a certified sound engineer, assisted legendary producer Juni Morrison of P Funk and Ohio Players fame in recording tracks with George Clinton. After working with Dodge City Production, DJ Dorfmeister, Dzihan & Kamien, DJ Disciple and Boyz from Brazil, Guida has evolved from a pure live performance mindset to one of club culture.

Besides her commitment to Jazzinho, Guida also has sung in other bands like Da Lata. She is also the featured vocalist on numerous other albums including Nathan Haynes and Kyoto Jazz Massive. 

Jazzinho (which means “sweet little jazz”) is a mix of Soul, Jazz and Bossa Nova. It is Guida's musical persona.  "A part of me is the vocalist Guida de Palma, another part is the musician interested in production, arrangements and that’s my band: Jazzinho. Guida de Palma exists on her own. Jazzinho is the collective part of my work, my team."

Guida’s first album 'Jazzinho', released in 2003, is a fusion of jazz, Brazilian, '70s FM soul, and any other sound that evokes the image of congas and sequins. Guida produced much of this album with her husband, Stephan Chalangea, joined by Da Lata mastermind Chris Franck, who wrote several of the songs.

The second album, 'Atlas' was released on Adrian Gibson’s label Freestyle in 2006 and produced in London by Ed Motta. Alongside Jazzinho, the list of special guests features seventies legends like vocalist guitarist Hamish Stuart of Average White Band fame, analogue keyboard wizard Max Middleton from the Jeff Beck Band and Free Jazz flugelhorn veteran Harry Beckett. The album also features a remix by Nicola Conte.

Their latest album is 'Veludo' a blend of bossa and samba infused sounds that are both introspective and joyfully outgoing. The first track, 'A Seed In You', was an instant hit with Jazz FM in the UK and features Guida duetting with soul legend Leon Ware... a big fan of Jazzinho and sparked their collaboration which ws released in advance of the rest of the completed project. 'Veludo' is a compact collection of eight enticing original compositions firmly rooted in the traditions of Brazilian music sung in both English and Portuguese with musicians who have played extensively with names like Clapton, Winehouse, Incognito and the Brand New Heavies. The second track from the album,'Abraço da Bossa' has been remixed by Bluey, the man behind Incognito and has just been included on the recently released box set 'Brazil Beats'.

Otis Redding - Try A Little Tenderness

"This was part of my dad's vinyl collection. He made us 'feel' what he sang. Later on it made me reflect on the importance of the interpretation, the 'living' the lyrics, the building the vocal delivery of a song."

Djavan - Faltando Um Pedaço

"As a young adult I was a huge fan. I still am. This particular song is one about love, passion and pain. I saw him live trying to sing it and weeping each time he tried. It took him three times to finally manage to sing it and the entire crowd wept with him. Powerful and moving."

Archie Shepp -Steam

"My introduction to Jazz came with Archie Shepp and 'Steam', the studio version by Joe Lee Wilson off the album 'Attica Blues'. Hauntingly beautiful strings and a poignant message."

Joyce - Feminina

"This is a wicked song by Brazilian musician Joyce. She's plays a mean guitar and sings effortlessly. It talks about a slice of life in a day of a woman."

Chaka Khan - Be Bop Medley

"Of course, Chaka Khan, 'Be Bop Medley'. This blew me away! Her powerful vocals blowing like a horn section! Produced by Arif Mardin !"


If you haven't heard 'Veludo', then do yourself a favour and order a copy now. 

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