Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Tom Glide

I am delighted to welcome the multi-talented Tom Glide as my latest guest castaway to be washed ashore on a lonely island in the sea.

As well as being a successful record label owner, Tom is an accomplished songwriter, a composer, a remixer, a music producer, a musician and a singer in his own right... he’d taught himself to play guitar, drums, bass and keyboards by the age of 10.

Born and raised in a working class area in Southern Paris, near Montparnasse, Tom's earliest musical influences were shaped by listening to records that were brought from the US in the 50's by his father when he was serving as a French Marine. Mainly jazz, latin, be-bop, calypso, early r’n’b... even Elvis Presley !  Other influences from that time were Sydney Bechet, Harry Belafonte, Charlie Parker with strings, Django Reinhart, Toots Tillemans, and Duke Ellington.

Early credits as a producer, composer, arranger and singer include the 2002 Beatcrusher track 'What Da F***',  Ilona Mitrecey’s 2005 gold and platinum album 'Un Monde Parfait', and the first release on his own Glide Recordings label in 2008 : 'Yoga on the Dancefloor' by Ekayani and the Tom Glide Space.

2010 saw the release of the highly acclaimed album 'In The Name of Luv' by Tom Glide & The Luv All Stars, a collaboration with luminaries including keyboardist Larry Dunn, bassist Alex Al, drummer James Gadson and the acclaimed trumpeter Rahmlee Michael Davis (Jackie Wilson, Michael Jackson, B.B. King, Donny Hathaway, Minnie Riperton). 

Launched in Glide’s home studio during summer 2009, he then relocated to Los Angeles to enlist more key players for additional sessions and collaborated with songwriter/musicians Dan Florean and Terry Tam, strings arranger Maurice Herd and lyricists Sonya Muhammad and Alaena Adams.

2012 saw Tom hitting the road in the UK with the ‘Soul On The Road’ tour featuring Cool Million, Gary Poole, The Westcoast Soulstars along with vocalists Laura Jackson and Tim Owens.

Since then, Tom has been busy producing a string of releases on his TGEE record label, including 'Sweet Heaven' featuring legendary soulman Timmy 'Why Can't We Live Together' Thomas, 'Party People' featuring Joe Leavy and 'Soul Life' featuring Shylah Vaughn.  Tom's Remix of 'Free' by Candace Woodson has just been released and he is now working on a project with soul singer Kenya.

For his exile on Deserted Island Discs, Tom has chosen five classic albums : 

"Five is a very hard choice and my stay on this island will be short too ! I haven't even managed to fit in George Duke, Pleasure, Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, Bill Evans, Louis Johnson, Horace Silver and tons of other music . Everyday of my life. Happy to have been chosen to tell you some memories. Thanks Bill Fordham for the opportunity."

Jimi Hendrix - Rainbow Bridge

"1972 and my first electric shock discovering Jimi Hendrix live at Woodstock playing 'Star Spangled Banner', but this one is my favourite album by him : 'Dolly Dagger', 'Pali Gap', 'Room Full of Mirrors' and 'Hey Baby'... the track I first learnt to play in full on my Uncle's jazz guitar. His version of 'Star Spangled Banner' is totally amazing. A visionary genius of music and a unique guitar player.  The best ever."

Earth, Wind and Fire - Gratitude

"1978 and my first big live shock. The best ever... pure Houdini-esque magical attitude with the groove, the music, Philip Bailey, Verdine and Maurice, The Phenix Horns, Larry Dunn. 

They were opening for Carlos Santana. When he arrived on stage and after three biz people bowed so much. Poor Carlos !!

If you told me 30 years later that I would had the chance to play music with those giants, I would have laughed at you, but the big miracle happened with the Luv All Stars project in LA... incredible !!! "

Marvin Gaye - What's Going On

"I discovered Marvin Gaye on a late live Saturday night show on French TV playing this album and bought this vinyl on the Sunday afternoon in a St.Michel shop.

My soul revelation : The voice, the music, the career, the destiny... the kinda' music you can listen everyday of your life.

Years later I will meet and play with James Gadson (his drummer for a couple of decades} there in Inglewood LA, in his garage recording drumparts on his original 1964 Tamla Motown console."

Stevie Wonder - All I Do

"Probably one of my favourite Stevie Wonder collection of anthems album which relates to a very funny story which happened when he was touring the world with this album in 1981.

He played at the Palais des Sports in Paris and my friend Didier and I had no dimes to go in. We entered through a back door and found ourselves amongst cages of Lions, Giraffes, Kangaroos, Monkeys and Chimps from the Moscow State Circus who were alternating in the same venue.

After 5 minutes walking in the jungle, I don't know how, we entered the proper venue with a sound check about to start. Stevie played, talked, laughed and rehearsed for 45 minutes with the band and I think this is one of the most deep memories about music... heaven from a genius of music right in front of you.  None of security people came to us and we stayed for another two and a half hours of magical music... and THAT voice guys !  THAT voice !!

Rated in my top five greatest artists ever."

Prince - Sign o' The Times

"Prince, the Kid from Minneapolis. I chose this album because it reminds me of the Sign O' The Times tour, front stage, 5th row.

The musician and singer, the amazing band around him, the mechanics and perfection of the show. A genius of entertainment and a genius of music. 

I love his all discography post this album. From 'Controversy', '1999' through to 'Purple Rain', 'Around the World in a Day' and 'Parade' with Clare Fisher's strings... this is where my Prince is."


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