Monday, 3 June 2013


Washed ashore on a lonely island in the sea is this month's guest castaway, the Amsterdam based singer-songwriter and recording artist Giovanca Ostiana : a "Music lover - but ain't we all, a 70's baby who loves hip-hop, loves soul jazz"

Giovanca  hosts the Radio Show 'Episodes', a wonderfully eclectic mix of  funk, soul, jazz and world music that is broadcast each week on SubLime FM.

In 2008 Giovanca made her name with her debut album 'Subway Silence' and followed this up with 'While I'm Awake' in 2010...  with her personal idol, Leon Ware featuring on the track 'Where Love Lives'.

Giovanca got to know Leon in the 90's when she was in the Amsterdam band The Juize and developed a kind of grandfather/granddaughter relationship with him. 

For this album, Ware offered a song he had originally written for El DeBarge but that had never been released. "When I heard it, I immediately called Leon and said that I really wanted it for my album but then with you singing it with me. And he said yes. I sing a duet with Leon Ware !" 


"So I'm on a deserted island, but I can play music right ?  Okay, but five is impossible of course :) "

Rotary Connection - I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun

"Written by Charles Stepney & Richard Rudolf. Epic Tune!! The voices, the hippy vibe, the mysterious soulful greatness of that tune is just timeless. 

I had the honor of singing this tune on the North Sea Jazz festival in Holland, which is a legendary festival. We did a tribute to Charles Stepney, the magnificent producer behind 'I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun' (and many other tunes) and this really is one my all time favorite songs, ever."

Marvin Gaye - I Want You

"The song.. sensual, genius. The album: a masterpiece. Would not wanna be stranded on a deserted island without this album. This album represents love & desire. We all need that.

Man behind it: Leon Ware. Great producer. On that same "I Want You" album is the song 'I Wanna Be Where You Are'. " 
Leon Ware - I Wanna Be Where You Are

"Leon also made a version for MJ of 'I Wanna Be Where You Are' in The Jackson 5 time.

A tune I would definitely take with me. Classic, ridiculously well sung, great lyrics. 
I love it."
Donna Summer - State Of Independence

"Vocal arrangements by Quincy Jones, who somehow fixed stars like MJ, Stevie Wonder, Lionel Richie, Dionne Warwick and Michael McDonald to sing the choir in that song.

Amazing. Once again a mysterious epic tune. I love songs with massive vocals... with that 'a people united' kind of sound.

This one I would take with me. It reminds me of my childhood. The eighties. Pure nostalgia."
Lee Morgan - Search For The New Land

"My father was a horn player. I love trumpet and Lee is a legend. I could have chosen a hundred tracks by trumpet players to take with me. It's soothing, exciting : The Trumpet is one of my favorite instruments. 
This tune is just beautiful. It's melancholic one minute and adventurous the next and it's long!! It's a journey with a repetitive element. 
So I imagine that on a deserted island.. listening to this song... the first minute will make you homesick and probably make you cry but then it switches into hope! Back to melancholy and bam! hope again. This tune represents Life. Going down, getting up.. search for the new land. 
A new chance every day."
"Since it's only 5 tunes I can bring, I'll just sing my other favorite tunes on that deserted island.
I'll just take John Coltrane, Donna Hathaway, Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross, Bob Marley, Freddy Hubbard, Norman Connors, Billy Cobham, Mongo Santamaria and many many others in my heart."
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Look out for Giovanca's new album which is due for release this year... but in the meantime, enjoy this track from her 'While I'm Awake' album : 'Where Love Lives' featuring Leon Ware.