Monday, 13 May 2013

Promise Marks

My guest castaway on Deserted Island Disc this month is Los Angeles based multi-talented singer, songwriter, actress, producer and recording artist Promise Marks... "a California Girl with a New York Swag". 

In October 2012 Pronise released her album"Sunshine," which charted 6 singles on two different charts in two different countries. The UK Soul Chart Top 30 on Starpoint Radio & The Luxury Soul Chart Top 20 on Smooth 98.1FM in Lagos Nigeria. 

Her music is soulful, smooth and heart felt. Her catchy and memorable hooks, clever lyrical content and powerhouse vocal style : Promise Marks creates that good old fashion 'Feel Good' music. 

In 2013 she will be releasing a new album and hopes to tour both in the US and in the UK. Promise Marks is a Star on the rise and an Artist worth following. 

"Let's get down to it shall we... "

James Brown - Superbad

"The song 'Super Bad' by James Brown holds a very strong significance in my life and here's why :

Back in 2006 I auditioned and was cast to sing on 'Amateur Night at the Apollo'. It's the toughest talent show in the world because the audience is prepared and ready to 'boo' you off the stage and see 'Sandman' the tap dancer tap you off stage with a stick,  lol !

So, to get my nerves together and get my confidence in champion mode, I listened to James Brown's 'Super Bad' over and over and over. By the time I got to the Apollo I was "Super Bad" and I won that night with a standing ovation. To this day before every show I put on James Brown's 'Super Bad' so that when I hit the stage I am Super Bad !

The only problem is that the magic of this song only lasts for my performance... because when I get home I'm no longer Super Bad, I'm Super Tired !"

The Spinners - I'll Be Around
"This song is another feelgood song. 
I grew up in Granada Hills, California known as "The Valley". I was blessed to grow up having a swimming pool in the back yard and we hosted some of the greatest pool parties ever.     
My father passed away earlier this year and my mother just sold the house that I grew up in. This August it would have been 40 years that they lived in that house. When I hear that song I remember my dad used to dance to this song... he had a really funny dance that used to make my brother and I laugh. 

As I prepare to say goodbye to the house that I grew up in and my mother is preparing to move to Northern California this song helps me to smile with found memories and celebrate the new life that my mom is beginning and knowing that while my father is with the Lord he'll always be around."

Fred Hammond - Keeping My Mind

"My life journey has been one of adventure, excitement, hope and strength; however there have been many dark days and sorrowful days and sometimes there are seasons in my life where I battle depression.  

I have learned over the years that during those dark times the right song can pull you back into the light the song 'Keeping My Mind' has always been and will always be healing water for me.   

The lyrics alone always bring peace to my spirit and hope in my soul. "I don't let a day go by without keepin my mind.... Keeping it stayed on Jesus with every new sunrise I gotta keep my mind. Meditate on him and keep His Spirit deep within.... Without the Lord I can't survive so I must remember to always Keep My Mind on the Lord no matter what's going on."

Patrice Rushen - Remind Me

"This song does just what it says : It 'reminds me'... it reminds me of my childhood in the summertime.  It's just a great feel good record that's a timeless classic and will never go out of style. 

For me this song represents Soul Music at it's finest and Patrice Rushen was one of the Artists who played a big impact on why I wanted to become an Artist."

Promise Marks - Chill With You

"'Chill With You' is actually one of my personal fav's on my album 'Sunshine'. My producer Richard Duvivier wrote this amazing track and I remember that night in the studio when he played it. The hook came instantly but the story or verses took a couple of months and three re-writes.  Lyrically it became a song that I'm very proud of... which is why it's one of my favourites. 
It is also on my list because it's mine (lol !) and as an artist my playlist wouldn't be complete without a song from Promise Marks.   
My prayer & goal is to write, produce and perform music that's just as powerful as the artists that have influenced my life and my career over the years."
If you haven't done so yet, do it now... download the 'Sunshine' album from iTunes or Amazon :

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