Monday, 22 April 2013

Paul Collins

April's guest castaway is Paul Collins, presenter of the acclaimed 'Rare Grooves Modern Soul' show on Solar Radio.

Paul got interested in soul music at the beginning of 80's :

"Living in Essex there was plenty of local gigs to further the education. Normal life, work, moving to London, mortgages etc. took me away from things for a number of years, but I eventually started buying music again in the mid-90's when I moved back to Essex.

I don’t see myself a DJ or presenter as such. Like so many of the listeners to the show, I am nothing more than a ‘punter’ who is never happier than when I am listening to the music.

As a presenter on Solar I work on a volunteer basis, sponsoring my own show on the station and financing the website out of my own pocket. That way I get to pick the music I want to play and share my selection of quality soul music with like minded people.

Choosing just five records felt like an impossible task, but I was surprised how quickly the first four came to me. In preparing this list I noticed a common theme on my five choices - the first few seconds of the record. I’m a dreadfully impatient listener of music and if a track hasn’t ‘got me’ in the first 10 seconds I move on. This has resulted in many a great record passing me by until someone shows me the error of my ways

Here they are, best wishes and thanks for the opportunity to do this."

Hi Tension - There's A Reason

"My first track is 'There's A Reason' by Hi Tension which was released in 1979 on Island Records. Listen to the words of David Joseph’s beautiful vocal."

Freddie Hubbard - Liquid Love 

"My second is Freddie Hubbard's 'Liquid Love', the  title track to his 1979 LP. A beautiful instrumental - close your eyes and listen to Freddie’s playing."

Norris Vines & The Luvlines - Give In 

"My third is without a question of a doubt my favourite record of all time : Norris Vines And The Luvlines 'Give In' released in 1976 on Smile Records. 

I managed to buy Norris Vine’s own copy back in 2006 and have always cherished it."

Cleveland Robinson - No One Can Take Your Place

"My next track is taken from the LP 'Cleveland' by Cleveland Robinson released on his own label Nosnibor (Robinson backwards) in 1976. 

The track 'No One Can Take Your Place' is one I must dedicate to my wife Debbie - it is ‘our song’ as the opening lyrics perfectly sum up : 

'In this world you seldom find, a feeling so divine, a feeling that I define as our love. 
And no ones gonna take your place, you’re the air that I breath, the earth beneath my feet, the morning sun.......' ”

Udell - You’re The Song (That I Can’t Stop Singing)

"And finally, the last track is perhaps the hardest with at least ten, maybe twenty records jostling for this position. In the end I have settled on a favourite song that has been recorded by so many artists. 

'You’re The Song (That I Can’t Stop Singing)' was originally recorded by Hollywood Freeway in 1973, with subsequent versions by River, Love Machine, Thelma Jones, Jackie Wilson, Frankie Valli, Jimmy Barkan and finally the version I’ve chosen here : Udell from his 1978 album 'This Is Magic' on RKM records. I think the intro does it again."


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