Monday, 25 March 2013


Washed ashore on a lonely island in the sea is this week's guest castaway, Lina... International singer, songwriter, recording artist, producer and record label owner.

We live in an age where everyone appears to have 'got talent'. When applied to Lina, however, the word talent really has true meaning.

Her music incorporates many different elements, defying any attempt to be pigeonholed whilst remaining truly soulful.

The theme of self-empowerment permeates through Lina's work and she explained this in an interview given prior to the release of her second studio album 'The Inner Beauty Movement' : "My plan is to get people to realize themselves, focus on who they are and love that person."

'The Love Chronicles of a Lady Songbird - A tribute to Soul' released in September 2012 is Lina's fourth studio album.  It is packed full of great tracks, with 'I Won't Go Down' as the standout. In my opinion, 'I Won't Go Down' is one of the best soul tracks to have been recorded in a long, long time.

When asked to be a guest on Deserted Island Discs, Lina responded "OK, fun !"

Betty Wright - My Love Is

"I like this song simply because of its message plus it has those ol' school gospel harmonies and Betty Wright knows she was slanging that song!"

Roberta Flack - Feel Like Making Love

"I love the first three words of this song, they stick with you. The melody is infectious. Roberta's voice is therapeutic... its all smooth n' warm. 

What great concept for a song"

Diana Ross - Love Hangover

"It's the sexiest song ever written... that bass line is so Hott!"

Marvin Gaye - I Want You

"I like it because its a very honest song. I love the lyrics and arrangement... it's so colorful n' exciting it gives me an eargasm. 

Most of Marvin Gaye's music just does it for me : He was outstanding. 

He was a super hero to me"

Miguel - Adorn

“I'm feeling this new kid on the block. 

The song has a message we women love... I want a man to sing that song to me with conviction! 

Edify me Miguel! 

Actually, I wouldn't mind if Miguel sang it to me himself, he's kinda cute and he can sing and he's singing about a woman n' not some money or a chain. 




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