Friday, 8 March 2013

Lady Mamalade

Washed ashore on a lonely island in the sea, this week's guest castaway is soul music fan and radio presenter Lady Mamalade.

Based in Germany, Lady M presents her 'Mamalade4Soul' show as part of 'Soulful Sunday' on US based Regina Records Radio.


"When given the opportunity to take part in 'Deserted Island Discs' I was so excited.

Then when getting on to find only five songs ... Oh boy !  What a hard task this is !

I tried my best and still thinking it's far too less, but here are my all time favorites :"

Barry White - I Found Love

"Barry White is a must ! 

As many (women) do, I love his deep voice. Barry was a great Maestro, he learned from the best (Holland, Gamble & Huff) and loved a huge orchestra. 

Pure listening pleasure."

The Dells - We Got To Get Our Thing Together  

"What great voices are united in The Dells... a voice for every liking. 

These Gentlemen have the lyrics true and deep.  

Everyone can relate."

Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes - Wake Up Everybody

"What a reflection on the things going on... back then right up until today. 

This song never grows old and holds the message. 

Listen ! "

Kindred The Family Soul - Magic Happen

"When you listen to Kindred ... you hear and feel LOVE. 

You'll be loved up instantly." 

John Legend - Save Room

"John's voice has something I just can't explain. 

To me this song shows how important time is and that it is a gift not to be wasted."

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