Monday, 18 March 2013

Frank Ryle

My guest castaway this week is Frank Ryle of Cool Million.

Apart from being a soul music fan, I am one half of the producer-group Cool Million. So far we have produced 3 albums and have produced tracks with people such as Keni Burke, Jean Carne, Leroy Burgess, Eugene Wilde, Noel Mckoy, Light Of The World, Melissa Morgan, Rena Scott, Yvonne Gage, Kenny Thomas and Peggi Blu to name a few.

Over the years I’ve spread my taste to include Jazz-Soul, 60-70’s Soul, Northern Soul, Funk, Modern-Crossover, Rare Groove, Pop, Bebop, early Rap music, Deep House and Soulful House in my music collection. I love vinyl, and still buy some, but most of the new music I get as digital.  

Here’s my 5 choices… I have decided to focus on the boogie-soul side of music from the early to mid 80’s, because that was the time I started to grow my love for soul music. 

All 5 tracks have a special place for me and all the tricks always sounding great – uplifting soul music suitable for both the dance and the foot stomping.

Cool Million ft. Eugene Wilde - Back For More
(Music clip - the full version is on Frank's 5 Track Mixtape below)

"First off I have chosen one of my own productions, because in so many ways it’s the sum of my love and appreciation for the 80’s soul-boogie sound. 

Over the past four years I’ve been listening so much to this track and I never find it boring (I tend to find some music boring over time). So this one is deffo music I want to take with me."

Intrigue - Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
(Music clip - the full version is on Frank's 5 Track Mixtape below)

"Back in 1984 I was 16 years old. Every Saturday I was listening to a Swedish local radio station by the name Radio Öresund and a guy named Bjørn Allquist who ran this ûber cool Soul Show. He played at lot of music i didn’t know – but loved. 

After each show I had a list of music I wanted… sometimes I got lucky and was able to find the music in record stores in Copenhagen or, if a friend went to the UK, I could get them to stop by a record shop in London.  That’s how I got this record. 

I have played this vinyl so much and cherish it every time I hear it. It always does give me a big smile and a urge to dance and shout when it goes into the hook… It maybe best to 'Let Sleeping Dogs Lie'  "

Fat Larry's Band - Be My Lady
(Music clip - the full version is on Frank's 5 Track Mixtape below)

"A very good friend of mine (who also is a soul boy and vinyl/cd junkie) had this album and we listen a lot to 'Act Like You Know'... which I guess is this album most famous cut. 

However I always had a soft spot for this particular track and many years later than 1982 I found a nearly mint copy in a record exchange store. 

What I really like about this song is the intro : It really gets me into to the groove and just builds on me.. great bassline, funky horns, wicked guitar and again never bores me and the hook is catchy.. 'Uh ah I got you girl, so come on… Be My Lady!' "

D-Train - Music
 (Music clip - the full version is on Frank's 5 Track Mixtape below)

"When this came out I was already high on 'You’re The One For Me', but it was not easy to get a hold on the album nor the 12”. I managed to find a European copy with 'Keep On' on the A Side and 'Walk On By' + 'You’re The One For Me' Dub Version on the flip... so when I saw this track on 12” I just knew that I had to buy it. 

Shortly after I picked up the album in Amsterdam on Rams Horn Records… I still have that copy and it just blows me away every time I hear it. I think its a masterpiece. 

This summer, at a soul carnival in Margate, I was privileged to be on stage with D-Train where he performed this song. It was a bit surreal for me, but at the same time awesome, to be a part of the band for living legend."

Janet Kay - Eternally Grateful 
(Music clip - the full version is on Frank's 5 Track Mixtape below)

"I found this 12” vinyl in a record shop (Street Dance) in Copenhagen in 1984 and it got under my skin at first listen. I was told that usually Local Records was a reggae label… and I believe that you can actually hear a bit of reggae rhythm in this track. 

Personally I think its a killer dance record with a nice hookline and a groovy bassline essential stuff for a great boogie tune.

It’s a record I am really happy to have in my vinyl collection and whenever I hear it I feel good. Also this tune sums up my love for the UK soul scene alongside artist/groups like Loose Ends, Cool Notes, Second Image, Central Line, Hi Tension, Light Of The World and Freeze."

Frank Ryle
Deserted Island Disc Mixtape 

The Best Soul-Funk album of 2012
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