Friday, 3 April 2015

Markus Kater

Hailing from Schaumburg in Germany, my latest guest to be washed ashore on a lonely island in the sea is the multi-talented Markus Kater aka MaxK.
Markus is a journalist who has worked as an editor, department manager and editor-in-chief for local and regional newspapers... he is also a writer, DJ, presenter, producer and the recording artist MaxK.

As a boy, Markus grew up musically whilst singing in the schools choir and learning to play trumpet. In the early 80’s his addiction for 'everything that has a soul' began whilst spending hours and hours listening to Luther Vandross, Earth, Wind & Fire, Marvin Gaye and Prince (just to name a few) on BFBS.

Today Markus is behind the decks again and has a passion for internet radio too... he started to edit tunes a few years ago for his sets and these can be heard on internet stations.  His big love, though, is remixes and these can be found on itunes, traxsource, amazon and all other download-portals. His own tracks have been released on the  Mac Da Knife label in the UK.

Earth, Wind and Fire - Can't Let Go

"Growing up countryside in North Germany in the 70's is probably not the best place, if you like funk and soul and jazz, but I was lucky enough to live close near to Minden where BFBS had a station with some shows, and (lucky again) the guy who ran the local record shop was into my music too, so he ordered all the good stuff. 

Luckily for me, I was probably the only one, who would ever buy a record of Teddy Pendergrass, Luther Vandross, Kashif, Me'lisa Morgan, Raoul de Suza or George Duke there. So whenever I had some money, I brought it there and I still love to go through my vinyl collection.

Earth, Wind & Fire is how it all started for me. I still adore them. It is something like a lifetime friendship, if you know what I mean. I had the great great pleasure to see them live for a few times in the last years and it was... just impressive."

Prince – Pop Life

"It was in 1979, when I bought my first Prince record. It took me five more years to find out, that there is a genius. When he came to Germany in 1986 to play some concerts, I got addicted. I confess, I am not a Prince addict anymore, but I can also say that this guy gave me some of the best moments in my Pop Life. 

I still get goosebumps when I think of the Dortmund concert of his Lovesexy tour in 1988 or the 22 minutes long 'Purple Rain' solo in Berlin a year later. 

On the other side, he really did cost me a fortune. I became a member of a fanclub in the UK and those guys sent me lists and lists of records of bootlegs, most of them on cassettes. So there was some night I was sitting in front of my tape deck listening to a badly recorded aftershow party from Vienna or Paris. It felt good."

Mousse T - Horny '98

"In the late 80's and early 90's the best clubs in Germany were in Hanover, believe it or not. 

Ferry Ultra and Mousse T were playing at the Palo Palo. A few years later Mousse T got Grammy nominated and impressed the world with Horny and Remixes for Madonna, Earth, Wind & Fire, Quincy Jones and others. 

He still rules and there is nothing better to cruise in your car to the Baltic or the North Sea and listen to this tune... very loud."

Grant Nelson – The Sound

"I wasn't much into Housemusic in the 90's; there were other things to do than checking out all the good music that is around. 

But Grant Nelson impressed me with this version of this classic from 1985, originally from the US group Dayton, a tune I have danced to a lot and played to death probably. 

Grant Nelson for me is the Admiral of Housemusic, besides some other Generals like Joey Negro, Masters at Work, Josh Milan to name just a few."

Cool Million – Show Me

"I started working at the local newspaper in Bremerhaven in North Germany in April 2009, and a few months later I stumbled onto Rob Hardt, one of the two masterminds behind the music project Cool Million. 

Rob and Frank Ryle from Copenhagen have released three albums up to now, and a new one is coming this year. 

I love this danceable, back to the future sound they have and I agree with Tom Moulton who said "These guys have Soul"."


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