Monday, 2 March 2015

Natasha Watts

My latest guest castaway to be washed ashore on a lonely island in the sea is one of the UK's most exciting and talented Soul Artists, Natasha Watts.

Singer, songwriter, performer and all-round entertainer, Natasha has been surrounded by all genres of music, from reggae and jazz to blues and funk.  With a DJ as a father and a soul insane older sister, she really had little choice and she soon became familiar with every rare groove and soul track well before her years.

At the age of sixteen Natasha teamed up with Roame Lowrey (percussionist with Maze and Frankie Beverly) who took her to the states to experience recording and develop her as a young artist. Whilst in the states Natasha worked on a stage musical and performed with Kirk Franklin and the Family. Natasha’s talent grew and the inspiration from her current peers coaxed her in new directions and she realised that she had a new found love for Gospel and true RnB. Natasha’s stay in the states ended with the arrival of her son Taylor, which took her out of the music scene for some years.

Having always credited her mother, Sandra as her inspiration, the woman who moulded Natasha’s soul and direction, passed away in 2008. Yet, through this distressing and heart-breaking period, comes the life affirming "Time to Shine"...  to this day it is still Natasha’s favourite number due to the deeply personal resonance behind it.

Natasha exploded on to the UK soul scene with "Show Me", her first collaboration with Cool Million and featured on the "Cool Million III" album. This was rapidly followed up with the Summer smash of 2012, "Back 2 U" with producer Ric Atari which featured on the "Soul Seeds Vol 1" album. The 2014 album "Future Rare Grooves" saw Natasha featuring with Don-E on the stand out track "Big People Tings".

Natasha is in demand more than ever for her vocal talents and vivacious on-stage presence. A host of well-respected producers have elicited her formidable talents as well as various fellow contemporary songwriters and bands. There have also been gigs at huge events around the world, including IPM, Southport, Amalfi Conference, Moscow, Croatia and Miami, as well as supporting the legendary Betty Wright at various gigs all over the country.


"Thanks again for asking me to do this .... 5 tracks that have influenced my life."

Foxy - Mademoiselle

"First up...

I am a Rare groove junkie and this one of my all time favourite tracks. It always gets me dancing !!!!!"

John Holt - Help Me Make It Through The Night


This track means so much to me. 

It's all about my family and I almost cry every time I hear it !"

Stevie Wonder - Another Star

"Can't have a top five list without a Stevie track in there.

 Love, love, love this one."

Jill Scott ft. Anthony Hamilton - So In Love

"Another reason why I sing.

I love this lady and all that she is about!!!! 

A most beautiful duet of recent years!"

Natasha Watts - Go Slow

"And to finish... the first track of my album.

Had to be done... heheh !"


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