Thursday, 23 July 2015

Charles Pepin

It is a pleasure to have Canadian DJ and radio producer Charles Pepin as my latest guest castaway, washed ashore on a lonely island in the sea.

After a 3 years stay in South Africa, Charles returned to Canada dedicating the majority of his free time promoting South African House music with passion and determination.

DJ'ing for many years on a purely amateur basis, Charles started a series of podcasts called TIA House Podcasts.  He then  started a blog in order to setup a central platform on which it is also possible to find exclusive interviews with South African artists from the House industry. The next step was 'This is Africa', a monthly show on Pure.FM dedicated to showcasing South African artists and DJ's, with exclusive DJ sets every month.

"I am a passionate Electronic Dance Music lover for now almost 20 years. I am 32 years old, so the kind of music has been present in my life, on a daily basis, for the vast majority of my life. I remember very well, my friends and I were sometimes looked at as some sort of Aliens from another musical dimension during our teenage years. 

After several thousands of hours listening to all types of Electronic Music, mostly in the form of Radio Shows, Mixtape and DJ sets, my passion is still as strong as in the beginning and has evolved greatly. 

My interest in music has been slightly altered by a 3 years stay in South Africa. Since then, my involvement has increased, dedicating most of my time to Afro-House and Africa's influence in general over House Music. 

TIA House Music was born!"

The Aztec Mystic - Knights of the Jaguar

"This is simply a masterpiece of Electronic Music... 'Knights of the Jaguar' is the Ravel’s Bolero of Electronic Music. The slow but steady crescendo towards a climax at the end makes it a track you can't stop in the middle once you have started it. The simplicity of the rhythms combined with the soft melodies; a beautiful piece of contemporary music easy for the ears. A track that could convince any electronic music detractor to reconsider their position. 

'Knights of the Jaguar' appeared in many of my  sets when I was starting as a DJ and kept me company so many time late at night to furnish my peaceful moments. I often woke up in the middle of the night, awoken by the sound of the needle scratching and stepping softly after another journey through this magnificent vinyl track from the Aztec Mystic."

Jeff Mills - The Bells

"Jeff Mills is a music producer and DJ who had a great influence on the direction I took as an amateur DJ and electronic music lover during my teenage years... an influence which turned out to be quite permanent, as I still tend to vibrate physically and emotionally to the a sound of Techno music. 

'The Bells' is recognized by many as one of the most iconic Techno track ever produced and I have so many good memories and emotions related to this tune !"

DJ Mujava - Mugwanti

"When I listen to 'Mugwanti' it unravels an immense quantity of souvenirs from my stay in South Africa. Good time with friends, spectacular road trips, parties and parties again. I have been introduced to the very singular sound of House music from South Africa with the rhythms and lyrics of  'Mugwanti'."

Black Motion (Feat. Candy) - Manghoro

"Simply, the best House music tune from South Africa in my opinion. 

The rhytmic elements and vocals of 'Manghoro' really contains the essence of the African culture... an irresistible piece of Afro-House music. 

Simply the best !"

Stephan Bodzin & Marc Romboy – Phobos

"My love for electronic music is strong and steady. It is a genuine passion. I consume it on a daily basis, several hours a day, in all its various forms. A love continuously renewed as the music evolves with the years passing by. The power of the repetitions and the creativity behind the organized noise. 

Tracks like 'Phobos' are icons of electronic music. 

Tracks like 'Phobos' are, in my opinion, symbols of electronic music to which I will always refer to as milestones in the evolution of the kind."


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