Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Lou Pino

Washed ashore on a lonely island in the sea is my latest guest castaway... DJ and Radio Presenter, Lou Pino.

Out of Haringey via Italy, Lou presents the sublimely anarchic 'Grand Parade' on Reel Rebels Radio : A superb mix of vintage Jamaican music, politics, football, food and general insanity.

In addition to playing in venues in and around London, Lou has also become established at the Rox DJ Reggae Alldayer.

"I feel a bit emotionally involved, genuinely interested to show up some of the moments that have maked my life special.  Since I moved my steps on this long journey, music was leading me on the right path and surely will do until my very last."

Lou Reed - Andy's Chest

"It was July 21st, 2003. 

A couple of years after Genova, Italy, we were still trying to understand why a guy like us was shot by the police during the riots. It was during that time that I’ve started to do something to improve this damned society. Along the terraces of my football team Cosenza, my anger was released and transformed into passion and viceversa. It was not just football. Scores were not a big deal and no drama if the team couldn’t make the serie A, even if we were really close. For us what really mattered was to always say something different and do something important for people who were not as lucky as others were. Providing food for the poor, helping people with disabilities, standing up for unemployment raise, supporting project in Africa. 

At the end of the 2013 season, Cosenza ended up bankrupt. As a result, the Club (at the time in Serie B) was relegated in 4th division, and actually took a very long time to get back into professional football. It was probably one of the worst news I read.  Meanwhile, someone was saying  that Lou Reed would be the main Act at the 'Invasion Festival', an international festival of music and arts held in the city of Cosenza at high level until the last decade. 

With these completely opposite feelings, bad and good, shaking hands together, it was the moment that I became LouPino, spelt lupino, aka little wolf."

Tennors - Another Scorcher

"It was July, scorchia, Ibiza, 2008

It’s quiet unusual think about Ibiza and Reggae at the same time. OK it’s not completely true that this gem in the mediterraneum is just clubs/drugs/naked sex along the beaches. In fact there is an interesting soul week-end in June every year run by top DJ’s from the UK and many other interesting things apart from classic stereotypes.

Back to my story, I use to spend 'una temporada' en la isla, working as usual from the very bottom of the bottom. A common situation, since I start to stand up, but, who cares!!! 

It was me and that lovely girl that became my wife, spending our few hours off, driving around, from coast to coast and listening reggay. Sometimes, life doesn’t give you just shit, or at least gives you a break. Since I’ve been promoted to barman, serving thousands Italians, addicted to coffee and Sambuca and addicted to everything for free.. as  that place in Cala Tarida was 'all included'

"That music so sweet for your dancing feet”

It became definitely mine. Try to imagine you, coming at the counter, in this middle class Italian Hotel, asking for a “caffe’ corretto”. Of course you will expect Jackie Bernand and The Tennors reminding you that is another scorcher. That was probably my first time entertaining people in the way that I’m doing now and forever more."

Edith Piaf – Non, Je Ne regrette Rien

"Every New Year’s Day 

How many times you were sitting and wondering, how that could be, why I did that. Maybe I would or probably I should. Should what? Should I stay or should I go? OH OH OH what a CLASH in the brain.  Then early in the morning a song came in my mind, enchanting me like a sparrow tweeting. Do you know that “piaf” in argot, the French Slang, means sparrow and that’s why Edith Giovanna Gassion has been named Edith Piaf ?

So, have you ever heard this song?  If yes…when? 

In my case it was me, completely dressed as myself, listening every New Year’s day, early in the morning. No matter whatever reason this life presents to you on that moment, it is a new start, a new beginning. Somewhere in Italy, they are still celebrating the New Year’s eve throwing old crockery out from the room's window. 

Do not worry if you walk past my house, I am just throwing out the past, enchanted by a sparrow tweeting, looking forward to a bright future. In any case, I am living on the ground floor, so your head is safe from the crockery…. "

I Ribelli – Nel Sole Nel Vento Nel Cammino e Nel Pianto


Have you ever heard a guy called Demetrio Stratos… able to reach 7,000 Hz with his voice????

Demetrio Efstratios a phenomenal singer from Greece, born in Egypt, moved in Italy on his 17’s to become one of the most creative artists in the whole Italian rock scene of the 70's. 

Well known for his works with a band called “Area” and for his studies on the use of the human voice, his solo albums are a great demonstration of his capabilities. 

Here Demetrio is the lead singer of a well-known Italian 70’s band, I Ribelli. The lyrics by Mogol, sung oringinally by Lucio Battisti, has been covered by the powerful rich voice of Demetrio to create an incredible soulful ballad.

This was the song that I choose for the beginning of my wedding ceremony. 

In the beautiful countryside scenario of the Abruzzo Region, here’s my wife coming accompanied by her father and then I made my promise to her, because she’s with me, nel sole, nel vento, nel cammino e nel pianto."

Queen - Father To Son

"From the beginning, to the very end.

Sometimes you realize how cruel it is live the life you live. It is cruel for the sufferers and for all their relatives. 

When I was thinking about which songs will be part of the list I never imagined of including this one. I was a Queen fan, when I was 14. I was a Queen fan even when I was 17. Probably I am still a Queen Fan now. 

For sure I will be always fan of my father. We had some difficulties, we had a troubled relationship for some time. But I will always fight on his side. My dad was diagnosed with liver metastasis and I know that this time will be harder than harder."


You can check out podcasts of Lou's fantastic Grand Parade radio show via the link below :